Render Elements 0.6.3 + initial thoughts on Vray for Cinema 4D

I have to acknowledge the extremely generous donation of a VRay license from Stefan and the rest of the development team at Vray For Cinema 4D.  This has been fantastic and has allowed me to add increased support for Vray in Render Elements.  With version 0.6.3, Vray Compositing tags are now supported!

I’ve also been taking the last two days to learn as much as I can about Vray for Cinema.  Overall, I am very impressed, and I think the developers did an incredible job.  I’m really looking forward to some of the improvements/bug fixes scheduled for the next release.

The one issue I have with Vray – and this has nothing to do with the implementation within Cinema 4D – is that I don’t yet understand completely the workflow for flicker-free GI in animations.  I have a lot to learn, and there are a lot of options.  Understandably, the options are there to help users optimize for various situations, so it will take me some time before I really learn which options are best, and which settings to tweak to balance quality with render speed.

With Vray, too, I am a little perplexed by the BRDF material system, as compared to Mental Ray’s.  To me, it makes sense to lock the specular size to the reflection glossiness parameter – to make sure results are realistic.  I can understand the need for flexibility, but I would like to have the option to lock spec and gloss together.


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