My head WIP

I have about 6 hours into this so far.  Doing it in Cinema 4D, then I’m going to try texturing and rendering in Cinema and Maya to do a skin render comparison. Priorities for me are fixing up the nose and then modeling and attaching the ear.  When the model is done, I’m going to take it into Zbrush for detailing.

And with a rough, frontal projected bump map…


4 thoughts on “My head WIP

    • It is polygonal modeling via edge extrusions. Some people start off with a box, I like to start with a plane and just keep extruding edges over the surface of my mesh.

      Good luck with the learning!

  1. Pretty great model. I’m doing one as well. Even though I use 3ds Max there is always stuff I can learn from others. I’ll keep stopping by to check out your work. Again, great work!

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