Render Elements 0.6.8

I’m on a small vacation, so I have some time to work on the next version of Render Elements. I should be getting C4D version 11 this week, and I plan to update Render Elements to work with the new Render Presets manager.

For version 0.6.8, the main objectives are improving performance and stability, and only adding a handful of new features.

Here’s the list of new stuff/fixes/improvements I’ll be working on:
– Adding an “easy update” option for when new objects/layers/tags/etc. have been inserted into the scene.
– Global Setting changer to turn on/off an object or layer in all Render Elements.
– Fixing a bug where textures with relative file paths are not copied correctly on file generation.
– Option to generate files into folders without copying textures or changing texture paths. I believe this is the BEST option for submitting jobs to the Net Render server.
– File generation to be done on a clone of the document, rather than the original document. This will greatly speed up the file generation process and hopefully safeguard against any document corruption that might happen in that process.
– Also, if a file can’t be saved during file generation, then the process stops, rather than potentially creating more problems.
– Add support for VRay Physical Camera and VRay Camera Dome tags.
– Add support for XRefs (in Version 11 plugin, only)
– Possibly copy shadow map caches, GI caches, and VRay GI caches during file generation.
– Find a new way to generate the RE List, as the current way produces major slowdowns with complex scenes. Out of all of these, this is the hardest option.
– Create fully functional PC Version!
– If I can make it happen, make it 64 Bit, as well!

Ok, so a number of these improvements have already been implemented. As for the other ones, I’m not making any promises. This is a list of goals. We’ll see how much of this I’m able to make a reality in the next couple weeks.


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