Houdini Particle Goals Test 01

I’ve been learning Houdini over the last couple months. It is a really fantastic and powerful program. During the weekends I’ve been focusing on some mograph style particle fx. At the moment, I am working on a setup to do particle goals with a travel path before reaching the goal state.

Here is a WIP.

I have some issues with particles starting on the path without any dampening, but they land on the target correctly, with a nice ease in. There’s also issues with the target rotation settings. I am using Attribute Transfer to set the goal rotation, but that causes some odd pops in the rotation. I think I will have to make a goal rotation vector and then blend between rotational values during the life of the particles.


8 thoughts on “Houdini Particle Goals Test 01

  1. Hello,

    I have been learning particles goals in houdini. But I dont know how to achieve that travel path. It is possible, to see you hip / hipc file?

  2. Hello,

    thank you for your quick response. Now I am studying that vop pop node. Can I add some randomens in rotation adn speed of that particles? What is ID in global. Can I drive those particles via CHOPS too? Thank you. I can send you my hip file. Just tell me where to. Thank you again. You helped me a lot.

    • For randomness, take a look inside the VOP node. In there I show how to have random speed (with min and max speed parameter). For randomness in rotation you should look into copy-stamping. Probably easier to add randomness there.

      Not sure about CHOPS. That’s one part of Houdini I haven’t gotten to know yet.

  3. In your video demo your particles slows down when reach goal position. How you do that. Thank you for your help.

    • I am using a particle goal setup that I learned from the 3D Buzz technical director video. I highly recommend checking it out.

  4. Helo Adam,

    I have that tutorial from Peter Claes. I have that file. So I neeed to add anoter global in vop sop inside pop sop. I will play with vop. I dont know how to send particles via curve before reaches the goal. But thank you, you helped me a lot. I will tray playing…

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