Render Elements 0.6.94

Render Elements 0.6.94 (64+32 bit for Mac, 64+32 bit for PC)

Bug fixes:
– Render Elements would incorrectly record the state of disabled post effects and multipass options in the render settings. This has been fixed.

– Selecting Generate Files options with no elements selected will prompt an error warning.

– On Generate, file selector now has a text heading. On Mac, “Choose” button still says “Open,” unfortunately. Checking with Maxon to see what the problem is.


14 thoughts on “Render Elements 0.6.94

    • Hi Holger,

      I would like to know more about how you intend to use this function. Duplicating the element would still require you to load it, make the changes you need, then save it again. Not sure if this feature will help anybody’s workflow, since you have the same option now (Load element, change name, change settings, record element)

      • I would love to say that I love this plugin as well…I have a really bad habit of doing test renders all the time while modeling…and this plugin allows me to switch between textures/lighting and all that and a clay shaded scene very fast…lurv it…anyhow…I have been using it with 11.5 for a couple months now and it is great.

  1. adam – been using this for the past 5 months and it’s super awesome. makes my life so freakin easy. I’m trying to show some other c4d users here what the huuuuge benefit of it is – makes me happy that there’s something like render layers in maya for c4d. thanks a lot for making it. (there any talk of maxon adopting this?)

    anywho – the only real problem i’ve encountered is it gets a little glitchy when i load separate elements – not at render time which is really good and makes this not a huge issue… but it doesn’t view correctly in the viewport. it just doesn’t load all the textures that were assigned to that element – just most. always makes me feel a little uneasy that the element broke. not sure if you’ve ever encountered that.

    again – thanks

    • No, I have not encountered that at all. What version of C4D are you using, and on what platform? Can you tell if the name of the material assigned to the tag changes, just not the icon? There are plenty of commands in the RE code to force a full redraw after changing elements, but you could try this COFFEE script, which forces a complete redraw:


      Also, are you talking about the viewport only, or does the object manager have the same problem? Can you see the texture assignment change in the object manager?

      P.S. no talk of Maxon wanting to adopt this. They are aware of it – I showed it in person to Per and some of the other programmers about a year and a half ago. I don’t think they really understood the importance of a tool like this.

  2. i’m using 11.5 on a mac – also nice new site! – i just saw on motionographer haha.

    and it’s good in the OM – just not in the viewport. i’ll try the coffee script 😛

    … and that is terrible if maxon don’t understand the importance of something like this. for compositing anything this is an ESSENTIAL toolset if you don’t want to completely lose your mind.

  3. Firstly, RE is a fantastic lifesaver. Thank you.

    Question: When I create/switch between each pass, the active render setting also changes. But when you break out each Pass into a separate project file, I would have thought that it’s associated render setting would become active.

    Instead each broken out scene pass has it’s render setting set to: ‘Motion Source Render Data’.

    Is this something your code can’t touch?

    Running R11.5

    Any help appreciated

    • I have not seen this behavior. I’m not on 11.5 yet, so I can’t confirm. But, no matter what, it should copy the stored settings into the current render data. If “Motion Source Render Data” is the default name of your render data, it will not change the name. In fact, it doesn’t change the name, no matter what – only the render settings.

  4. Hi Adam – this is Mark,
    I would like to tryout RE.
    Does the 0.6.94 work for c4d 10.5?
    Couldn´t bring it to work! Altthoug I put it in the plugin folder…hmmmm´
    Bye Tom

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