Destruction 0.2.1 Update (status only, no download)

I’ve been working this week updating the destruction plugin.

I’ve removed booleans for now, but I think I’ll put them back in as an option, since it offers different options than clipping, which can only do straight lines.

Lots of crashes right now related to capping the objects after clipping.  Need to find a better way to do this…

Here are some videos that show the new features and improvements/enhancements.

Still to do:
-Capping – Find better results (faster, less error-prone). Add capping as optional.
-Random point distribution on surface. Distribution is not as random as it should be. Only accounts for triangles right now.
-Phong tags. Set phong tags for chunks
-Visualizer. Need a way to pre-visualize the slices
-Need some kind of status indicator so the user knows what is happening behind the scenes/how long the slicing will take
-Threading. Need to thread this baby.
-Axis Center. Center the axis of every chunk to either the bounding box center or center of mass
-UVs. Repair uv damage and map the interior surfaces
-Inside/Outside groups. Create polygroups for inside/outside
-Create a minimum volume detection so that chunks don’t get too small
-handle multiple selections. Some options already handle this. Need to make all options work with multiple selections
-name the chunks
-Veronoi/Delaunay fragmentation
-Separation parameters


6 thoughts on “Destruction 0.2.1 Update (status only, no download)

  1. Hi there, very nice plugin you create here. I’ve tried it out for a while, but with Cinema 4D 11.5 I have a lot of crashes (with iterations set 3 or higher) quite randomly.

    Cant wait to try the next version!

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