10 thoughts on “Destruction 2.1 User booleans + partitioning

  1. Oh, Destruction exactly covers what I am missing in Cinema 4d… 🙂

    Great work!

    Do you have release the source (public, read-only svn) or develop it as a commercial product? Is there an “official place” to find the latest version?


    • Hi Mark,

      I doubt I’ll be releasing the source code at any point, although I’ll probably post some snippets here and there on this site.

      At some point, if this ever becomes stable enough I’ll sell it. I will be releasing free beta versions when I feel it is ready for testing.

      For the time-being this site will be the official place to get info and download versions of the plugin as I make it available.

      • Thanks! I am really looking forward to do further developments and hope you find some time. Enjoy the last days in ’09 and a great start into 2010!

  2. This is a great plugin! I have the 0.2.3 version I believe it is but this one with the bool operation looks sweet. Where can I download that one?



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