Houdini Mograph Tools – WIP – Update

An update of the last version I posted. I now have the cloner working and an alignment node, as well. I had some problems with Houdini’s GUI freaking out during recording, which is evident in the video. I don’t think the video card in my mac likes to share with the recording application when Houdini is open 😦


12 thoughts on “Houdini Mograph Tools – WIP – Update

  1. This is some intriguing work. I dove into C4D via the demo version for the first time a couple weeks ago to create a piece that required a somewhat complex particle simulation. I ended up pretty disappointed with some of the limitations of XPresso and TP.

    Now knowing that Houdini can be had for $99, I’m thinking about abandoning C4D before I invest too much time into it and checking out Houdini.

    Is it your intention by developing Mograph equivalents for Houdini to eventually completely replace C4D with Houdini in your 3D workflow? Do you expect that there will always be specific things for which C4D is a better tool?

    • Hi Jed,

      I think the particle system in Cinema 4D is very weak – definitely not fit for high-end production (and I know how to use it quite well). There are just too many limitations. I like the mograph module a lot, but I also found it quite limited – especially when I wanted to do more complex things with it.

      I think Houdini is a fantastic program, but I would not abandon Cinema 4D completely for Houdini. They are very different programs, and each has its strengths/weaknesses. In Houdini, modeling/texturing/rendering are definitely not as easy and straightforward as in Cinema – however you have a lot of power in the program to do things that would be very hard, if not impossible to do with Cinema. I think animation in Cinema is far easier than in Houdini (Object Manager/Timeline/Motion Clips). I also really like VRay for Cinema, and while Mantra can produce excellent renders, it is not as fast as VRay.

      My intention with the mograph tools is not necessarily to replace Cinema completely. I don’t think I could for a variety of reasons – the main one being that when I work for studios a lot of people use C4D, but no one at all uses Houdini (I work primarily for motion graphics companies), so there are pipeline issues to consider. I find myself using Houdini almost exclusively these days, though, with the exception of modeling (unless I am looking for proceduralism).

      One thing to consider with the $99 Apprentice version – the license states it is not to be used for commercial purposes. So, yes, they don’t restrict you or watermark your images, but you are violating the license if you use it for commercial work. The actual cost of a license is around $11,000 – so keep that in mind. You can rent licenses from SideFX, which is much more manageable, especially if you only need it on a per-job basis.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

        Definitely some food for thought…

        As far as licensing, I work for a school, and would thus be using Houdini in an educational/non-profit setting, so I don’t think I would ever need a commercial license. $11k would definitely be beyond my reach 🙂

  2. Very nice tools that you are making there. I was wondering if you intended to release them to the public or if it’s just for your own projects… If you need some testesrs, I’d be glad to give it a try !

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