Render Elements 0.6.96 (Mac Only for now)

Fixed a bug when saving Vray render settings. Maps in the environment channels were not being saved correctly. Also added support for new Physical Camera tag options in Vray 1.2

Render Elements 0.6.96 for Mac


6 thoughts on “Render Elements 0.6.96 (Mac Only for now)

  1. Hey Adam…

    Been using this plugin for a while and love it, can’t send enough kudos your way for this. Noticed something today while going back to some c4d projects I built about 6 months ago. I usually do incremental saves on projects so I’ll have several different versions for backup. I noticed that some open with my RE list and some open without any at all. When I go to the job folder, every project has its own _RE folder with tif files in them. Is there something I can do to load these or are they gone forever?


    • Can you send me the file that doesn’t work?

      All Render Elements are stored within the file. The _RE folder is just for saved preview images.

      Unless they were manually deleted, the Render Elements should still be in your file. Nothing you can do to test for it. I would need to check out the file for myself.

  2. Hello Adam,
    I have some troubles when I use the delete all elements. It wont work. If I use the delete checked elements cinema crashes…..well I have like 15 elements setup….i dont know if I did something wrong to cause a conflict or is it a bug?

    greetings, Holger

  3. Hi Adam,

    Love the plugin, saves me hours of work on a daily basis.
    Unfortunately your plugin doesn’t work anymore under Cinema 4d v12 (demo version). Are there any plans to update?


    • Render Elements will be updated for version 12 within the next few months. Please be patient with me. I have a lot of other work and many changes have been made to the C4D SDK with this release, so it is not just a simple re-compile. I will also be investigating some of the bugs in the current RE release.

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