6 thoughts on “Render Elements 0.6.96 (Mac Only for now)

  1. Hey Adam…

    Been using this plugin for a while and love it, can’t send enough kudos your way for this. Noticed something today while going back to some c4d projects I built about 6 months ago. I usually do incremental saves on projects so I’ll have several different versions for backup. I noticed that some open with my RE list and some open without any at all. When I go to the job folder, every project has its own _RE folder with tif files in them. Is there something I can do to load these or are they gone forever?


    • Can you send me the file that doesn’t work?

      All Render Elements are stored within the file. The _RE folder is just for saved preview images.

      Unless they were manually deleted, the Render Elements should still be in your file. Nothing you can do to test for it. I would need to check out the file for myself.

  2. Hello Adam,
    I have some troubles when I use the delete all elements. It wont work. If I use the delete checked elements cinema crashes…..well I have like 15 elements setup….i dont know if I did something wrong to cause a conflict or is it a bug?

    greetings, Holger

  3. Hi Adam,

    Love the plugin, saves me hours of work on a daily basis.
    Unfortunately your plugin doesn’t work anymore under Cinema 4d v12 (demo version). Are there any plans to update?


    • Render Elements will be updated for version 12 within the next few months. Please be patient with me. I have a lot of other work and many changes have been made to the C4D SDK with this release, so it is not just a simple re-compile. I will also be investigating some of the bugs in the current RE release.

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