SideFX Houdini – Advanced Motion Graphics Workshop

I will be teaching a short workshop on motion graphics in Houdini at the SideFX offices in Santa Monica October 30th.

Info here.

Please note you must have experience with Houdini as a prerequisite for this class. Understanding the interface and understanding some expression basics is fundamental knowledge that I will not be covering.

We will create a few prototype setups for doing mograph style effects, and there will also be a short question and answer segment where I will try my best to answer all your motion graphics questions.


Cinema 4D V12 Plugins Info

I’ve been asked by a few people what will become of my plugins with the release of version 12 of Cinema 4D.

-The batch rename plugins appear to work.

-Ilay Shpilkin on CGTalk was nice enough to compile a version of LightLister for 12, which I will put up here. For now it can be found on this cgtalk thread:

-Destruction will most likely not be developed further by me. Too many other similar plugins out there right now.

-Render Elements will receive an update and some bug fixes, but this will not happen for several months. A lot of things have changed in the SDK and will require some re-writing for this to work.