5 thoughts on “Houdini – Chuck Close Effect Tutorial

  1. Awesome tutorial Adam

    One question. Since you created $TEX for your tex path (which is a form of environment variable?), is there no conflict with “tex”? I was just astonished that they both have the same name


    • Doesn’t appear so, Alex.

      I don’t think “tex” is a globally recognized string in Houdini. In terms of the recognized global variables, I believe they are all listed in the help files – and you can also check you file-specific variables like I show in the tutorial.

      I created the “tex” folder – so there’s really isn’t a name conflict. That folder structure is not something Houdini sets up on its own.


  2. Hey Adam

    I meant that the $TEX varaible you created to point to your tex folder is a “form” of environment variable like $HIP, in the sense that it is a variable that could be used in any Houdini project, not linked to the single project you were working on. But I could be wrong here. In other words, when you create a new session, will that $TEX variable remain (a bit like you specifiy alternate tex paths in C4d)

    As for the tex local attribute you created that has the string with “ceil(padzero(…)” it seemed to me that that one would be the one conflicting with the $TEX you created earlier.
    But that is maybe where I’m missing something…

    Hope this clarifies my question


    • The $TEX variable I created is .hip-specific. If you want global variables across all houdini sessions, I believe you need to alter your houdini.env file.

      And, no, it is not a conflict. Just like writing the word “hip” doesn’t necessarily mean anything with respect to your hip file. Variables need to be referenced with the $ sign to be considered as variables as opposed to attributes – which is what my “tex” string ended up being used in.


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