Render Elements – V0.7.13

Cross Platform Download For C4D V12

Not sure what Render Elements does? Check out the new vimeo group, which has a couple demo videos!

It took a lot of time to get this updated or V12. A lot of things have changed in the C4D SDK. I have tried to test all functions, but I can’t guarantee it’s bug free. Please let me know if you find a bug. And, as always, please remember that this software is beta. Use at your own risk!

Summary of new changes/bug fixes:

– Code updated for V12.
– Mental Ray Camera Tags now supported. Mental Ray render settings supported.
– Full support for Sketch Style and Sketch Render tags
– Some internal changes with the way VRay tags are dealt with. Unfortunately, this means old scenes with Vray tags will have errors in them.
– Ability to choose what data is stored/recalled in render elements (under the options menu). This is a project-wide setting, not per element. These preferences can also be saved as default.
– “Delete All” menu selection now works properly and will not cause crashes or invalidate the render element list.
– “Delete All” menu selection will also give the option of deleting RE bitmap preview folders.
– Render elements can now be recorded for an untitled document. Previously, this was not allowed.
– Updated Help pdf.


59 thoughts on “Render Elements – V0.7.13

  1. Hi Adam

    Let’s say I have a series of objects that I want a cloner to clone on to. I want to do a couple of variations.
    Can RE remember what goes into the cloner “object” field?
    I just tried it with no success, but maybe there is a different way to achieve that?


    • Make multiple copies of the cloner and just disable them for the passes they are not needed for.

      Re targets only a specific variety of object and tag parameters. There’s a full list in the help file, or if you click on the options menu tab you can see what kind of data is being recorded.

  2. I tryed to save a 1,3 GByte big scene after I recorded 3 layers. It needed 30 minutes, RAM usage growth up to 30 GBytes, all another background programs was frozen. Nothing for professional work. Have to be fixed. Best, Razor.

    • 1.3 GB file is pushing it, don’t you think?

      I completely disagree about this not being for professional work. I use it. I am a professional. This tool is used by other artists in top professional shops.

      But, if you don’t like it, don’t use it. ‘Nuff said.

  3. I made a 1,3 GByte scene, separated in 3 layers and recorded them. Saved the 3 layer scenes with RT plugin to the hard drive. That took 30 minutes of saving time and ate 30 GBytes memory. No programms in background did work during the writing progress. Best, Razor.

  4. Sorry for my hard voice. I’m happy to findthe this tool for C4D. I was angry about the frozen programms during the writing process by RE. Everything will be better.

    Best, Razor.

  5. Adam, this plugin is beyond awesome…it will save me so much time on my current project…which not only features rendered variations of similar scenes—but ALSO features versions in 3 languages.

    I can probably reduce what would have been 80 C4d files down to about 10 or 12. I only wish I’d had this from the beginning of the project!

    If you change your mind and decide to sell this plugin…I’ll be sure to have my wallet open!


  6. Looks like r12.043 is crashing on quit when Render Elements 0.7.13 is installed in the plugins folder–at least on Intel Mac.
    Hope you can check it out, Adam.

  7. Ken, yes I get the exact same crash on quit…and yes…every time.

    This is why I’d be happy to *pay* for the ‘Render Elements’ plugin…because I can’t expect Adam to patch things frequently for a free product.

    It’s a valuable enough resource for this to be a commercial plugin and to have that level of support.

    Hopefully Adam will have time enough to address this soon.

  8. I haven’t updated yet, but one of my coworkers has and confirms the crash, as well. I’ll look into it when I get the chance. Most likely I just need to install the C4D update and recompile. All was working in the previous R12 version… Not sure what may have changed internally in the program…

    I can’t give you a time frame on this, though. Sorry. Good news is that the plugin still works. Just causes an unwanted headache at the end of the C4D session.

    Craig, I appreciate your sentiment, but I’ll never do this plugin as a commercial venture. I have no intentions of being a paid software developer. Now, if Maxon wants to buy it from me and fix/make improvements, that’s a different story πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Adam,

    It looks as if Render Elements has a memory leek. Is that possible? When I work on a file for a while and load different elements many times all my RAM gets used.


    • Yes, Arjo, that’s completely possible. I’ll be the first to tell you I am not a professional programmer, and there’s probably a lot going on in the code that’s not as correct as it should be. I tried my best, but I have no real programming training, other than reading (half) a book on C++ and having at it πŸ™‚

  10. Adam, R.E. is a great tool…very, very valuable.

    I do hope Maxon (or someone!) gives you a wheelbarrow of cash for it at some point.

    But you are correct that this current crash is only at the end of one’s work and is not that big a deal.


  11. Thanks Adam. I’m in agreement with everyone here in that this is an incredibly valuable plugin for c4d and that Maxon would compensate you for it.

  12. Ok, looks like I tracked down the bug and have it fixed. Will distribute the Mac version this weekend. As far as I know this is not happening on Windows, so I may not get the Win version recompiled until the next update I do. Win users, please let me know if you get the crash on quit after updating C4D.

  13. Got some confirmation from Maxon about the cause of the bug. Sounds like I am on the right track. Will also get a PC version with the fix in it in the works, as well. Although, that will take a bit more time…

  14. Hi Adam

    I just start to use your genious plugin renderer elements. IΒ΄m working under Mac OS 10.6.7 , Cinema 4D latestet Release 12.043 (?) . By finishing Cinema i get every time an error wir the following bugreport, i donΒ΄t have your email adress there i post the bug report here , hope its ok for you.

    Thomas πŸ™‚

    This comment has been edited by Adam Swaab. I removed the crash report.

  15. Rooting you and your efforts on, Thomas. If you change your mind about making this a commercial plugin…I’ll be in line!




    I’d buy in a heartbeat.

    • Craig,

      I have the fix. I just need to package it up and distribute. I’ve been a bit busy lately. I should be able to post it this weekend. Sorry for the delay.

  16. Adam…Awesome news!

    It’s probably not a big deal…as we said before…crashing on quit…but it’s just…disconcerting somehow.

    Again…a huge thanks for all you are doing to help the community!!!

  17. Seems to be working on 12.043 MacPro, Adam.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I’ll post the good news on CgTalk, if you don’t mind.


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  19. hi..
    really silly question..but I have downloaded and do not see the plug-in?
    I have .tif files etc. but which of the files inside the zip is the actual plug-in? thanks for your help.

  20. Hi Adam: Rob Garrott over at really likes this plug in and has recommended it. I am new the Cinema 4D and purchased C4D R13. Can I down load and use this version of Render elements?

  21. Hey Adam. 0.7.14 works fine on R13/Win64. Are you still developing Render Elements? Possibly I could help here and there.

  22. Superb plug. Only whith larger files the “set selected tags on checked elements” causes c4d to hang up. Update checked elements takes some time but works fine…

  23. Hi there,

    This looks like a great plugin, and I would be more than happy to make a donation for all your hard work. Howver, I can get it to work with basic materials (say simple colors) but I’m finding its not working with more complex materials such as UV mapped PSDs; the material tag on the object appears to change, but the material in the scene stays the same and doesn’t switch? Are there limitations, for example does the texture need to be baked etc? any ideas would be very much appreciated.

    Im using R14 and the updated RE version for R14.

    All the best, Mike

    • Ok, just wanted to explain the issue I had, In case other users ran into the same problem.

      Switching between recorded elements doesn’t work instantly on objects that are within a Boolean, or explosion deformer etc. It requires turning the effect on/off using the little ‘tick’ icon. This is a bit of a pain in a complicated scene. I found I needed to convert the ‘current state to object’ for it to work correctly. I usually try and ovoid this if possible to keep my scenes as editable as possible, but one solution is to keep the duplicate and hide it for future use.

      If this issue could be fixed, this would be an even more awesome plugin. Great work none the less.

      • Hi Mike,

        This sounds like a bug with viewport updates. Are you using any solo’d layers? There is a confirmed bug there that I cannot fix on my end, and Maxon has not addressed.

        If you can send me very simplified project that reproduced the error I will take a look. Also, are you on a Mac or PC? Please tell me exactly what version of RE you are using.


      • Hi Adam,

        Im not using any layers I don’t think? ill try and strip the scene down tomorrow. Whats the best way to send you an example project? Much appreciated you taking a look.

        C4D R13 Studio (with Body Paint). RE version _7_15_Mac.


      • I diagnosed the bug and am posting a quick workaround here, until I can update and recompile the plugin. Basically, while C4D is being told to update the viewport, a few objects don’t respect the more generic version of the update command and require a more robust update call.

        Here is a short coffee script that will force a complete redraw of the viewport. You can run it after loading an element and it will update everything.


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