Render Elements – V0.7.14 – Crash on quit fixed?

Mac version of the fix can be downloaded by clicking here. PC version will come shortly and I will post it on this thread.

PC version is now included in the download here.

I hope this fixes the problem. Big thanks to Wilfried Behne of Maxon and Franz at plugincafe for the help tracking this bug down.


41 thoughts on “Render Elements – V0.7.14 – Crash on quit fixed?

  1. Hi dear am looking for this plugins but i used windos xp
    when i copy this (RenderElements_0_7_14) in (D:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R12\plugins) but i can not find this plugins n my software .I used copy this in cinema 4d r11.5 but all the
    work has failed can you give me some help or it is noly used with mac ?
    Thanks very much (sorry my english is bed)

  2. Does anyone else have trouble with the update 12.048 and render elements?
    I can create render elements and save them. But I can’t select them to use the load command.

  3. For what we’ve seen in SIGGRAPH, it works on R13 as well, right?
    Anyway thanks a ton for this, hope one day you get the money you deserve for this + the good karma you’re getting already!.

  4. Thanks for the plug-in, this is a life saver for me! I have one suggestion for the future. It would be great if there was an auto load check box right next to the load button so I don’t have to hit load every time I switch layers. Great Job!

  5. Great plugin. It’s making Render Management very efficient.
    It’s working great in combination with the net Render, too.

    There’s one big problem, that Rebus Renderfarm doesn’t want to work with it. I don’t know if other Renderfarms would work with it. Any suggestions?

    • I’ve been using it on render farms without problems. Net Render, Rush, Deadline, and Render Titan’s online farm work. You need to collect files for each render pass you want to submit.

      • Thanks for the Reply adamswaab.

        Good to know that it’s working on other farms.
        At first, I got a reply from Rebus which said that they hat no possibility to change the output paths. But I don’t trust that answer.

        But I then managed to get the scenes render with Rebus, too. But it was a bit of hand work. Maybe it wasn’t necessary. “render elements” seems to store the settings in the top most rendersettings after exporting it to “Project with Textures”. Xref Files are not stored in the Project Folder, though.

        Finally, does the Plugin need to be installed on the farm computers to work properly?

      • Hey Martin,

        The plugin should not need to be installed on the farm to function correctly. May flag an error, but should not present a problem.

        You are correct about xrefs not being copied and re-refrenced with the render element save scripts. Maybe something for the future…

        If in doubt, try loading up a pass, then using the c4d save project command and submit that to your render farm. Should copy everything needed to render files and de-reference your linked files.

  6. Hi Adam,

    first of all: thanks a bunch for being that generous offering that great plugin for free! I use it on a daily basis and it safed me tons of time yet ^^

    But I think I encountered al little bug or limitation today:
    If I use the generate “as save project” command to colect the files on my netrender server, the textures used in a mograph multishader are ignored.
    If I load the same state and use the menu command to save the project on the server, all textures are collected correctly?!
    Not to much of a problem to save the file “manually” in the rare case a multishader is involved, but the behavior is a bit strange (and reproducible on my workstation).

    Cheers, Michael

    • Thanks, Michael. I had to rewrite that function from scratch for RE, so it is possible that something is missing there. Will keep it in mind for the next update. C4D save project should definitely work for you. You’ll notice the same issue with XRefs, which are not included yet in my save project function.


      • Thanks for the lowdown Adam,

        I thought (hoped for you;) you could have called a routine or something in the SDK (I´m no coder at all) and therefore wondered why it worked via the menu command.
        But as you had to write the function completely new it´s something completely different. Good to know about the xRefs too, but this is a limitation I can definately live with compared to the huge benefit in workflow with RE ^^

        Kind regards, Michael

    • Yep, just tried the update. Looks like something in the update broke the plugin.

      I’ll try to take a look over the next few weeks and see what the problem is. If you can roll back to the previous version of R14 it should work for you.


      • Can´t roll back… just have to wait for the update 🙂 Again, thanks for the most important plugin for C4D!

  7. I do not understand why “updating tags on checked elements” freezes my machine for ages (scene with around 400 Objects).Selecting the render element, changing tags and saving the element thus overwriting works in seconds with the same result…

    Installed 0.714 with c4d R13. The plug itself shows as version 0.713 – strange…

    After all it´s a superb tool – dont wanna miss it!

  8. Hello Adam!

    Just wanted to thank for your great plug-in. And report one strange thing about it on c4d r13.061 — it won’t record which render setting has been selected.

    Instead it creates a new setting (named after Render Element), but this setting is not checked anyway. Do you think I’m doing something wrong?

  9. I just installed RENDER ELEMENTS – V0.7.14 on windows 8.1 for Cinema 4D R16. There seems to be a problem with the compositing tags. One issue is that I’m running into is that when I “Copy Tag to Children,” Record Element only records the parent tag property “Seen by Camera.” Other buttons seem to work fine, but “Seen by Camera” does not. Other times, the property does not work regardless. It’s seems as though nobody else has had this problem, so perhaps it is only a R16 issue?

    Regardless, I’m sure this will be a great plugin once I get it working…thanks for all your work on it. I’m counting on this being a lifesaver in the future. C4D is the only 3D application I have ever used that doesn’t have this out of the box.

    • Hi Lee. Thanks for the bug report and for using the plugin. I would not count on this plugin being updated much or at all in the future, though. I, too, believe that Maxon needs to add a pass manager into the program, without depending on outside developers to create their own solutions. Please send a feature request to Maxon to add something like this into their core package. That’s the only way they are going to move forward on it.

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