Render Elements – V0.7.15 – R14+ Only

C4D V14.025 broke something in Render Elements, causing the app to hang on startup on the mac.  I have recompiled the plugin using the R14 SDK as a base, just for the mac (no new features, just a recompile).  As far as I know V0.7.14 should be working ok on PCs, but if not I will work on getting a PC compile of it going.

You can download the mac update here.


27 thoughts on “Render Elements – V0.7.15 – R14+ Only

  1. Hi i used Render elements a while ago and found it so useful for my animation work. I can’t seem to find the link to your PC Version for R14.. is there a trick? Thanks again for a great plugin!

  2. This is the single most useful C4D plugin! Thank you so much for this!

    I don’t understand though why Maxon has not added similar functionality to C4d – it is essential for any serious project

  3. Hello Adam: Thank you for this plug in. I have uploaded RE 7-13 for Cinema 4D R12 on my Version Cinema4D R13. I am getting an Error on Quit. What should I do? Will RE 14 work for Cinema 4D R13?

  4. Hello Adam! Thank you for your Great plugin! But V0.7.14 working inkorrect in Cinema R16. Render Settings not change when i load element. And when I save elements for batch render render presets not save with files… Can you fix this bag in new version?

  5. Great plugin. I’m not sure how I get all my scenes to render once they are set up. I see how you saved out all the C4D files but what next. I don’t have a net render set up. Thanks!

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