2 thoughts on “Tutorials on helloluxx.com

  1. Getting ready to pull the trigger on the bundle, just curious as to the differences from 13 to 15(?); going through the materials Ari Danesh did for SideFX there have definitely been changes to shortcuts and context behaviors which made it a bit hard to follow, can I expect the same fron vols. 1-4?

    • For all the info, I’d check the official help docs’ “What’s new” sections:



      For 14, a lot of it was dynamics (crowd system, PDB grain solver), some improved uv tools, and improvements to component selections.

      For 15, a new shader (the principled shader) was added. They made a big change to the ForEach system (but the old one still works), added viscous fluids sytem, and some small changes to the FLIP solver.

      In general, SideFX usually makes a lot of changes with every update. (I think they have redone their cloth solver 4 times in the last few years). In terms of my tutorials, I think anything you see in the helloluxx tutorials (which I started with version 13) should translate up to version 15, with only small differences.

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