Render Elements – V0.7.14 – Crash on quit fixed?

Mac version of the fix can be downloaded by clicking here. PC version will come shortly and I will post it on this thread.

PC version is now included in the download here.

I hope this fixes the problem. Big thanks to Wilfried Behne of Maxon and Franz at plugincafe for the help tracking this bug down.

Light Lister V1.0.1

I have rewritten my Light Lister plugin for C4D in python. It can be downloaded here:

Light Lister V1.0.1

It is for C4D V12. It will not work with older versions. Because it is python it should be PC and Mac compatible.

One additional treat…
I have left the source code un-encoded in the file on purpose. At the moment there are so few resources available for learning to program C4D plugins in python that I thought interested parties may learn a few things from the code. Please act responsibly with the source code.

Render Elements – V0.7.13

Cross Platform Download For C4D V12

Not sure what Render Elements does? Check out the new vimeo group, which has a couple demo videos!

It took a lot of time to get this updated or V12. A lot of things have changed in the C4D SDK. I have tried to test all functions, but I can’t guarantee it’s bug free. Please let me know if you find a bug. And, as always, please remember that this software is beta. Use at your own risk!

Summary of new changes/bug fixes:

– Code updated for V12.
– Mental Ray Camera Tags now supported. Mental Ray render settings supported.
– Full support for Sketch Style and Sketch Render tags
– Some internal changes with the way VRay tags are dealt with. Unfortunately, this means old scenes with Vray tags will have errors in them.
– Ability to choose what data is stored/recalled in render elements (under the options menu). This is a project-wide setting, not per element. These preferences can also be saved as default.
– “Delete All” menu selection now works properly and will not cause crashes or invalidate the render element list.
– “Delete All” menu selection will also give the option of deleting RE bitmap preview folders.
– Render elements can now be recorded for an untitled document. Previously, this was not allowed.
– Updated Help pdf.

MayaCamXForm2C4D Script

So, FBX in Cinema 4D is screwed – and has been screwed for a long time. It gets in position and rotation data correctly, but it never gets in camera data correctly (nor exports it correctly, either, for that matter).

What I have done in the past to get cameras from maya into cinema has been to link the transforms of the camera to a null and then link the focal length of the camera to the Y position of another null. I bake them both out, transfer to Cinema via FBX and then use Xpresso to link up the correct values to a new cam. All well and good, but I thought since I had a little down time on my current job – and we’ve been dealing with this problem for months now – it might make a nice little script to ease the workflow a bit. So this script does the linking and baking part in Maya. You just select the camera, run the script, and it creates two locators – one with all the camera transform information baked in, and the other with the y position equaling the focal length of the camera.

Keep in mind this is my first mel script – and I only had a few hours to work on it. So, it is not perfect. There’s no error checking, no gui – just a barebones script that assumes the user knows exactly what he is doing and why he needs the script.

//MayaCameraXForm to C4d by Adam Swaab ©2010

//Warning! There's no error detection in this script!  Select one camera (one only!) and run the script.  It works based on the project timeline.

int $i = `playbackOptions -q -animationStartTime`;
int $end = `playbackOptions -q -animationEndTime`;

string $select[] = `ls -sl`;

$ActiveCam = $select[0];

//Create locators for data
spaceLocator -p 0 0 0 -name "CameraTransforms";
spaceLocator -p 0 0 0 -name "YisFocalLength";

while($i <= $end)
	currentTime $i;
	//Restore selection to camera and get Camera Info
	select -cl;
	select -r $ActiveCam;
	float $position[3] = `xform -worldSpace -query -translation $ActiveCam`;
	float $rotation[3] = `xform -worldSpace -query -rotation $ActiveCam`;
	$xpos = $position[0];
	$ypos = $position[1];
	$zpos = $position[2];
	$xrot = $rotation[0];
	$yrot = $rotation[1];
	$zrot = $rotation[2];
	$camshape = `listRelatives -s $ActiveCam`;
	$flength = `getAttr $camshape.focalLength`;
	//Set Data for locators
	setAttr("CameraTransforms.translateX", $xpos);
	setAttr("CameraTransforms.translateY", $ypos);
	setAttr("CameraTransforms.translateZ", $zpos);
	setAttr("CameraTransforms.rotateX", $xrot);
	setAttr("CameraTransforms.rotateY", $yrot);
	setAttr("CameraTransforms.rotateZ", $zrot);
	setAttr("YisFocalLength.translateY", $flength);