Render Elements v0.6.1

Added a lot of new things.  Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that ID’s really need to be cemented if I expect to call them again in the future.  So, that’s fixed, and I think the plugin should be stable for updates now.

I put some new features in and fixed up some problems from before…

-Alphabetized list

-Date/Time-stamp on recorded elements

-There’s now a marker that tells the user what the last active render element was

-Inclusion/Exclusion lists for compositing tags are now supported

-The list can be expanded vertically now by expanding the dialog window

I need to get going on a PC compile soon, which may add some new headaches.  Hopefully won’t be too bad 🙂

Also, I got a chance to show this off at a freelance job interview this week, which was really fun.  I had a small little crowd of people around me kind of foaming at the mouth watching the demo.  I’ve been talking, too, with a couple possible partners for sales and distribution.  Not sure what to price this at, yet.  Probably under $100.  I need to do some market research and see how much people are reasonably willing to pay for this tool.