Cinema 4D V12 Plugins Info

I’ve been asked by a few people what will become of my plugins with the release of version 12 of Cinema 4D.

-The batch rename plugins appear to work.

-Ilay Shpilkin on CGTalk was nice enough to compile a version of LightLister for 12, which I will put up here. For now it can be found on this cgtalk thread:

-Destruction will most likely not be developed further by me. Too many other similar plugins out there right now.

-Render Elements will receive an update and some bug fixes, but this will not happen for several months. A lot of things have changed in the SDK and will require some re-writing for this to work.


6 thoughts on “Cinema 4D V12 Plugins Info

  1. Hello

    I only just discovered your Destruction plugin (through greyscalegorila) just as I made the switch to R12.
    just enough time for me to fall in love with the plugin, so it is a disappointment that it is no longer compatible.

    You mentioned that there are some similar plugin out there.
    Do you know what they are called, or who the developers are and/or which websites I should go to?



  2. I have the same question about destruction plugin for c4d v.12. Somebody talked me about a plugin named “thausauri” but I have not found anything with this name.

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